15 January 2011

DIY: instant circle scarf

e a s y ] [ 1-2 hours

cost: $10 or less per scarf
shop at: a fabric store (JoAnn Fabrics has a lot of locations)
read: the instructions once though before you get started

This 'so easy it's dumb' tutorial was inspired by a friend of mine.
This can be a lovely lightweight to midweight scarf.
No knitting needles or sewing skills required.


- transportation to a fabric store
- fabric store clerk
- washing machine and dryer

1. Arrive at the fabric store, and find the knit jersey. (t-shirt fabric, basically) It's on the bolts like the other fabrics.

2. You want the kind that is connected to itself, creating a tube.

3. If you can not find it, or are uncertain if it's in tube form, ask a clerk to help you. They usually know about fabric, and are super sweet and helpful.

4. Pick out the color you want, pick up the bolt, and carry it to the cutting counter.

5. Tell the clerk at the counter you'd like 1/2 a yard. This will give you a decently cozy scarf. You can always experiment with amounts if you make another.

6. Done! The clerk will give you a receipt with your fabric, and then you can go check out at the register area. Or, you can wander around for a bit. Fabric stores are filled with interesting things!

7. Once you're out of the store, toss on your new scarf and play with it, or do a parking lot initiation dance for it. x)

8. Once you're back home, it's a good idea to wash the scarf, to let the fabric shrink/adjust a bit. And to clean it up, haha.

9. Play with it! Stretch it, let the edges roll, wrap it around your neck a few times, you'll figure out how to style it really quickly!

TIP: (requires basic sewing skills) If you have fabric (that doesn't fray, or you can hem) you'd like to use for a scarf, but it's not in tube form, cut out a long rectangle, and connect the two short ends together with a single seam.

ALTERNATIVE IDEAS: Cut a straight line underneath the sleeves of an old t-shirt. Bam. Circle Scarf. The size of the scarf will vary based on the size of the t-shirt.

Longer amounts of fabric (3/4 of a yard compared to 1/2) will create a more bulky scarf. Shorter amounts (i.e. 1/8 or 1/4 of a yard) will create a stringy, more necklace-like scarf.

A TIP FROM EMY: If you get a yard or longer, the scarf can double as a dress or top or skirt!

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DIY #11
♥ This was an easy one to make, but preparation always takes effort.
I wrote out these instructions.
So if you see this anywhere else, it's not the original.


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