23 October 2011

DIY: instant drapey scarf


e a s y ][ 20 minutes
cost: free, ideally
shop at: your house
read: the instructions once though before you get started

I got a handmedown henley from a family friend, wore it a few times, then I realized it was really unflattering. Yet really soft. I Absent mindedly made a few cuts, removing the buttons and slicing sleeves. I didn't rock it til much later, when I became more of a risk-taker with my outfit choices. I think you guys will love this!


- 1 long sleeve tee
(hopefully it's a color or print you like, and soft fabric a plus)
- scissors

0. HOW TO GET YOUR TEE FO' FREE: wander around your house and ask brothers, sisters, parents, whoever -- if they have an old long sleeve shirt they don't wear or like anymore. Or, even easier, maybe you have one of your own.

1. Cut off the collar and tag. If it has buttons, you can leave those or snip them off.

2. Starting below the neckline, make a long slit that goes 1/3 or so down the front of the shirt. Don't cut the back of the shirt.

3. Sleeves: starting at the cuff, make one cut up the length of the sleeve. Repeat on other sleeve.

4. Done! Here's a visual if you're confused.


5. Stick your head through what used to be the torso/chest part of the shirt. You can wear it sleeves hanging down, wrapped around, angled, exposed seams, inside out…sometimes I wear mine as an impromptu hood. I bet it could work as a hair-wrap, too! There isn't a wrong way to wear it.

TIP: I've found that smaller sized shirts (hence why snagging a younger sibling's shirt works so well) and thin/tissue knit jersey work really well. Don't flip out about it being "perfect". No such thing. Once it's draped around your neck it'll feel fab :)

ALTERNATIVE IDEAS: Regular tees, or 3/4 sleeves, will probs work too, but they'll be a little different. You could try ripping/snipping funky holes in the shirt to create a pattern. There's a million ways to cut it, as well. Endless options!

[feel free to use my photos in your sets! but please don't edit w/o asking. If you make a scarf of your own, send me a photo!]

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♥ I worked really hard on this set. It took a long time to prepare.
I wrote out these instructions and took the photos.
So if you see this anywhere else, it's not the original.